Hold the line is a project created in a collaboration with Anna Reihlen, textile designer, based in Paris. This project has a lot of directions of its development, but it is especially about the encounter, happy accidents and serendipity effects, lines that we draw throughout our lives (geographical ones, lines of a palm), different trajectories, dreams and imaginations, observations, languages, memories: personal, collective or a memory of an object. Coming from Germany and Russia, we’ve decided to find the exact middle point for us and to trace an imaginary line from Moscow to Hamburg. The GPS coordinates from Google Maps, 55.542597 23.554597, indicate this exact point on a map, in the Lithuanian countryside where we decided to go afterwards. Two big different fields of creation, textile and image, were attractive for us to develop, let them meet each other and to make a fusion. 

a pair of collected objects, 2020 found in Lithuania

↑ Field, 2020, 6:19 min, screen shots
55.542597 23.554597, 2020, 6:50 min, screen shots

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↑ Hold the line exhibition night view

↑ Ghosts (a Walk-About) , 2020 video installation 0’16, plaster sculptures, 140 x 65 cm

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↑ Friends, 2020
collection of found objects, found in different places

↑ Dancers, 2020
wires and solar lights, metal tubes

↑ Poems, 2020, stickers